We could say that attending a good puppet performance is an education in itself:

As spectators, children take a small leap to believe that this puppet, this piece of paper or wood, this inanimate object “turned into a wolf”, is alive. Through art they take part in the communication and enter a world of astonishment, a world of play, a land of metaphor, of symbolism where they will be able to try, to experience, to explore how to be themselves, how to be someone else.

But the show is over...

Do we take full advantage of the power of puppetry language?

In TOPIC we aim to going beyond the pleasure of attending a puppet performance: our project is more ambitious, but no more so than what the treasure of ancient puppetry can reach: we want children to enjoy and, through this play, through this enriching process that allows them be or not be “the wolf”, we want them to incorporate into their own development tools that will enable them to learn to be themselves. From this point on, they will cooperate and share with others and come to form a better society.

In our opinion, the best way to attain this goal is to collaborate with those educational institutions or families that get in touch with us in different ways.

Our objective is to bring the possibilities of this language closer to the institutions which aim at forming thinking and enterprising people who learn to think, to communicate and to enjoy themselves in different languages and to live in a participative, cooperative and responsible way.

Why not help children reach all these objectives through games?

Our goal is to present the possibility to work with this language without resorting to the wrong tactics, to prepare children both before and after the puppet performance in a serious and attractive way, to form teachers, to introduce different programmes at schools and to use, when new technologies are needed, online communication systems, etc.

All in all, to give puppetry the place it deserves. And to give children the place they deserve, by aiding spectators, teachers, and relatives who help them exercise their right to enjoy and to develop.

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