Museum week: #WordsForTheFutureMW

For several decades now, a slogan that has become common year after year has spread: that museums need changes and that these must continue to occur in the future so that these institutions continue to be significant in society, that is, for citizens, and citizens whom they represent and serve. The question of how they cope with changes is what has really given rise to interesting reflections in the field of museology. There is no single approach to such a complex issue, since it is made up of multiple layers that, in many cases, are difficult to couple.

From TOPIC we advocate to emphasize the pedagogical value and the didactic function that museistic institutions have. Beyond containing collections of different kinds, the museum must take care of transmitting to its visitors, especially the smallest, values ​​and knowledge that they can apply in their lives. Our institution is very committed to this mission and to the young public, so it carries out different activities to, in addition to transmitting knowledge about the art of puppetry, to internalize values ​​such as peace, respect and love that are indispensable in these times.
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