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At TOPIC our audience is fundamental, and for this reason, we warmly receive suggestions, constructive criticism and of course donations, that we receive not only from professional puppeteers, but also from visitors

  • Colorín is a puppet from San Sebastian. A glove doll that was born no less than 56 years ago in the basements of the old building of the Círculo Cultural y Ateneo Guipuzcoano, by the group Teatro de Cámara y Ensayo of the aforementioned entity, directed by José Luis Villarejo. Colorín was born out of the concern of the Board of Directors of said Athenaeum to do something to attract the sons and daughters of its partners to the "theater." Thus was born the Colorín puppet theater, whose hero gave the company its name. Colorín toured practically all the towns of Gipuzkoa and a large part of Biscay, Navarrese and Alava. He sometimes traveled to very rural places taking his adventures to the boys and girls. Together with his unconditional friends, she shared his plight, laughed, sang ... always coming out triumphant thanks to his disinterested help. After a long life of almost 50 years, the Tolosa International Puppet Center, TOPIC, is the place where it rests today along with many other puppets thanks to the generosity of Conchita Momeñe, widow of José Luis Villarejo and co-founder of the Company.
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