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Margarita Niculescu (1026-2018)

Margareta Nilescu (1926-2018) has been a key person for the puppet in general and for the contemporary puppet in particular. She was the mainstay of UNIMA, she was the fundamental support and inspiration for Jacques Félix in the founding of the International Institute of the Marionette, the creator and creator of the Charleville-Mézieres School of Puppet Art.

Considered the most important Romanian puppet artist in history, she was the director of the prestigious Tandarica Theater in Romania for about 40 years (until 1986)

She founded Le Studio du Marionnettiste, promoting the change of name from "manipulator" to "actor-puppeteer". She was part of the first “Presidium” of UNIMA, today the Executive Committee, elected in 1957 after World War II. That first Presidium was made up of 15 people from East and West, from "in front" and "behind" the Iron Curtain ..., from countries that were at odds with each other that had no relations, but in UNIMA, they lived together, collaborated, exchanged projects ...

She was the first president of the Publications Commission, being editor-in-chief, among many other publications, of Puk, a publication of the IIM, and of the last magazine published by UNIMA, “E Pur Si Muove”, a prestigious and interesting magazine Edited in 3 languages ​​(English, French and Spanish). She played an important role in the completion of the World Encyclopedia of Puppet Arts.

She was an incredible woman, who in a time when women were "locked up at home", she managed to excel creating and innovating in the world of puppetry, after opening the doors to a new stage. That is why she, Margareta ‘the visionary’, created the Charleville School of Puppet Arts, to continue innovating, researching, testing new techniques, new materials. She laid the foundation for the contemporary puppet.

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