Every project has its own history and the TOPIC story started more than twenty years ago.
It was in 1982 when the Centro de Iniciativas de Tolosa started a new cultural activity and promoted the creation of an international puppetry festival, Titirijai.  Initially, it seemed like an original idea, a daring proposal even in the opinion of many. But eventually it actually began to take shape and it became a successful idea.
Today Titirijai attracts more than 25,000 spectators. It has an average of 160 performances and has made Tolosa an international referent on the international puppetry theatre panorama.

When Titirijai eventually attained its present status, the Centro de Iniciativas de Tolosa came up with another project: why not take advantage of our knowledge and abilities to boost something new?
So, we could say that TOPIC did not come out of nowhere. On the contrary, it could be seen as a logical consequence of Titirijai.

So, puppetry is surrounded by lots of culture and knowledge which will be very useful in the launching and consolidation of TOPIC.
Main stages of the project

1987. The initial project is presented and several possible locations are considered. Among these were the Aranburu Palace, the Arkaute chalet--the former headquarters of the Ertzaintza--and the Tolosa Casino.
1999. The Tolosa City Council asks for architectural proposals on the site of the former Courthouse located at Euskal Herria Square.
2005-2006. The project is granted to the architect, Anton Pagola by public tender.
2007-2009. Building construction is executed.

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