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TOPIC’s Advisory Board is made up of seventeen representatives from the worlds of art, culture, business and institutions.  Their main aim is to make the most of everyone’s knowledge and experience, and to join them together in the consolidation of our International Puppetry Centre. The Board members who carry out the work of this organism personally are:
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advisory board

  • President: Olatz Peón Ormazabal. Mayor of Tolosa
  • Vicepresident: Julián Lacunza. C.I.T President
  • Secretaries: Idoya Otegui. Director of TOPic


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ainhoa arteta

Ainhoa Arteta


“I feel very close to the world of puppetry, which is logical considering that I’m from Tolosa. The Puppetry Festival is an important part of our history. But also, as a singer, I sometimes feel my life is very similar to that of the puppeteer: travelling from town to town, offering the public a good performance. That’s why I truly appreciate this opportunity to belong to the Advisory Board of TOPIC and to work towards making this project grow stronger and attain the scope we all hope for.”

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josé miguel ayerza

José Miguel Ayerza

Secretario General de Adegi

"This is a cultural initiative rooted in the very community that boosted and sustains it. By combining local with global, by going international, it acquires the right importance, it innovates and creates synergies with its environment. This project deserves all our praise, effort and support. I hope this renewed impetus culminates in the combined success we are capable of attaining.”

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Julián Lacunza

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manuel castilla

Manu Castilla

Director of the Lehendakari’s office

“As a tolosarra, I have seen the International Puppetry Festival come to life and develop. During the past 26 years, I have witnessed its development from a mere project to a festival known worldwide-, From the very beginning, the Festival representatives voiced their intention of obtaining a stable centre for puppetry. Today, that wish has come true, and I am happy to have a part in this project.”

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antxon elosegi
Antxon Elósegui


“Right from the gestation of the CIT project and during its early years, we had to withstand criticism from those who label our projects as naive or quixotic. We kept up our enthusiasm precisely by remembering Don Quixote’s words: “They bark, so we ride.” But we have reached this point with greater success than we ever dreamed of. Today we have an active cultural centre that inspires thought (ideas?). In the future it will also be a centre where new generations will continue to work, drawing inspiration from the witty Don Quixote and from the humanity of Sancho Panza.

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lourdes fernandez

Lourdes Fernández

Artistic Director of Alhondiga Bilbao

“I consider this a very unique project, one that combines its international character with its own peculiarity. They have been working without pause for 26 years in Tolosa and, of course, they can count on my unconditional support of their work.”

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mari carmen garmendia
M. Carmen Garmendia

Exminister of Culture of the Basque Government
“Like many other interesting things going on in our society, Titirijai is the result of some very enterprising and combative people in Tolosa. Titirijai means hard work and dedication, but also enjoyment, creativity, innovation, and sharing… After years of success, the Puppetry Festival is launching a new adventure called TOPIC. This project, representing consolidation, innovation and enthusiasm, has been capable of arousing institutional, social and artistic interest, as the composition of the Advisory Board--of which I’m very happy to be a member—has shown.

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encarni genua

Enkarni Genua

Puppeteer. Bachelor of Philosophy and Arts

“In 1971, Manolo and I met the puppets at our kids’ school; that first show hooked us forever. In 1982, a group from Tolosa asked us for help in organizing a Puppetry Festival and since then, year after year, we keep on getting tangled up in their puppets’ strings. Soon we started dreaming of a big House of Puppets and I always knew my presence there would be necessary.”

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manuel huertas

Manuel Huertas

Teacher and politician

“In 2004, when I was an MP (Diputado?) in Madrid, I had the chance to meet Miguel and Idoya, who told me about the CIT project. At that time they needed a boost to help make it become an international cultural project about puppetry. My faith in them, together with Oscar Renedo’s support, made me hope that Tolosa would eventually have its Puppetry Art Centre. I love this project so it is a great honour to remain linked to them through my collaboration on the Board, side by side with its President, Mayor Jokin Bildarratz."

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Alberto Iglesias


“It seems to me that TOPIC is a unique project that makes Tolosa occupy a very important place in this artistic tradition. In my opinion, music can take part in this little theatre, adding narrative effects and all the power of its expression, as it does in cinema or in opera. In these times of growing dominance of the virtual arts, theatre must remain alive as a public space.”

Olatz Peón Ormazabal
Mayor of Tolosa

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lucía lacarra


Lucía Lacarra

"Supporting the International Puppetry Centre is a great honour for me. Not only because it is a unique cultural project, but also because the art of puppetry deserves greater importance since puppets are, unconsciously, our first childhood rapprochement to theatre. They create emotions from that first encounter and we continue to enjoy them at any age. For me, puppets are pure art.”


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Luis Mari Oyarbide


“I first heard about puppetry and Tirijai in 1995, when I was the Delegate for Culture on the Gipuzkoa Provincial Council, and I immediately fell in love with the spirit and environment of the CIT organisation. So I became an unconditional puppet fan. Serving on the Advisory Board of the future International Puppetry Centre of Tolosa is a great honour.”

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Juan Ignacio Vidarte

General Manager of the Guggenheim Bilbao Museum

“Combining different opinions or perspectives and opening our projects up to other realities or scenarios are successful ways to enrich any cultural initiative. Sharing, discussing, learning… all of these are essential to continued progress. TOPIC has adopted this work method, which makes being a part of this Board even more interesting.”

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lander zabala


Lander Zabala Otermin

“Promoting art expression in any way is very important to me, and puppets are undoubtedly included in this category. TOPIC’s added value is mainly that it is aimed at children. We must appreciate children’s creativity and TOPIC may facilitate the development of imagination, communication and aesthetics, none of which are usually offered by other popular art forms. So in addition to its international character, the exposure to these ideas makes TOPIC extraordinary.”

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