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Thursday, 03 February 2011 19:52

We are looking for material related to Colorin in order to prepare an exhibition at Topic about this famous character

We are preparing an exhibition about Colorin, a famous Puppet show that was premiered for the first time in San Sebastian during the late fifties and it kept staging nearly until the year 2000. Jose Luis Villarejo and his wife, Conchita Momeñe, were the creators. The exhibition is scheduled for mid March and it will be open until June in the temporary exhibition hall at the Tolosa Puppet International Centre.

From Topic we make a call to those who can contribute with any related item such as memories, testimonies, pictures or even written tales about Colorin. This material, once it is selected, it will serve to complete the exhibition which the material we have so far has been kindly donated by Conchita Momeñe to Topic.

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The temporary exhibition on the Indonesian traditional puppets is extended until the 13th of March
Monday, 31 January 2011 11:50

“Indonesia Wayang Golek” is the fourth temporary exhibition arranged by Topic and it collects 91 pieces of an exquisite elaboration and aesthetic.

The exhibition, which was planned to close on the 31st of January, extends its presence in the temporary exhibition hall until the 13th of March. Name “Indonesia, Wayang Golek” it exhibits a total of 91 puppets, ninety of them being rod puppets and one shadow puppet. All of them belong to the Tolosa International Puppet Centre’s own private collection. This is the fourth temporary exhibition that Topic organizes since its opening back in November 2009. The first one was dedicated to “Puppets from Mali”, and followed by “China, characters of tradition” and “30 years of animated dolls”.

In the current exhibition, the visitors will find themselves with puppets owing a well-defined presence, “since they combine both manipulating techniques with aesthetic”, explains Maria San Sebastian, in charge of the Documentation Centre and Museum of Topic. “However, she continues, and despite of their similar appearance, each one of them is different from the rest regarding the headdress, clothing and skin pigmentation”.

The French company Théâtre pour deux mains brings to Topic ‘Viaje a Poligonía’ on the 29th of January
Friday, 14 January 2011 01:46

The adventures of a square, which is not so squared

Excluded from its community because it is a bit distorted, the square decides to undertake an initiation voyage. Throughout its journey, it discovers other worlds inhabited by different tribes from its own one. Circles, trapeziums, triangles, strange rectangles. In this magic world inhabited by all kinds of polygons, would the not so squared square be accepted the way it is?

Premiered in September 2009 at the World Festival of Puppet Theatre of Charleville-Mezieres, “Viaje a Poligonía” combines puppets with objects and video. It is inspired in the works of Shell Silverstein, Jerome Ruillier or even in the drawings of Kandinsky and Miró. It is a play that describes a society where each polygon shines by its difference and peculiarity. The show is addressed to children from three years old onwards.

Teatro Paraiso presented its show ‘Kri kra kro’
Tuesday, 04 January 2011 11:34

The Basque company has staged this play in collaboration with a Belgian company

‘Kri kra kro’ is a show created by Teatro Paraiso Antzerkia in collaboration with Theatre de la Guimbarde from Belgium and is especially addressed to children between 3 and 6 years old as well as to families in general. In a show where questions and images come hand in hand in order to poetically sketch the world.

The main characters, He and She, are the curious inhabitants of a space populated by images and sounds. They play with their imagination transforming in a magic way and thus building a new universe, close to the particular look of the little spectators.  

The scenic space allows to show the images as part of a game, as a possibility to explore and enjoy the world and not simply to contemplate it. The images, and the playing of the actors, make up a metaphor in a way to learn the reality, to show it and draw it. Images that evoke the city, the nature, the museum... while they build a theatrical poem full of question marks.

Magic for everyone by the magician Jonmagicmago
Tuesday, 04 January 2011 11:53

The young magician presented on Friday his show ‘Beyond imagination’ at Topic Centre

Magic show starred by the young magician Jonmagicmago, where families have the chance to assist to a session that mixes magic and humour to create a evening full of illusion. His name is Jon Esandi and he describes himself as ‘the youngest magician ever seen’. He is fourteen years old and a few months ago he stated in an interview, published at Noticias de Gipuzkoa, that since he was a little boy he was fascinated with the magicians he used to watch on television.

He explains that he tries to take a free time each day to rehearse. “At home there is a room where I keep all my belongings; material to fulfil a stage, a top hat, a magic wand, and a cage with two white pigeons in it: Loli and Pepi. They join me in some of the show I play”.

He says that he loves acting for the little spectators. “Adults do not focus in enjoying magic, instead they look at how good or bad you are performing, or searching for what goes wrong. It is far much easier to make magic tricks to children; they truly believe it and enjoy it”.


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