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The Advisory Board comes to light

Seventeen representatives from the worlds of art, culture, business and institutions will be the advisors of the Tolosa International Puppetry Centre.

(Tolosa, December 5, 2008)

galería de fotos del nacimiento del consejo asesor del topicThe first meeting of TOPIC’s Advisory Board took place this afternoon at the Tolosa City Council. This new institution, formed by people from different fields, serves as a meeting point for people, ideas, opinions and points of view. Its main aim is to use the knowledge and experience of others as an addition to the development and consolidation of the future International Puppetry Centre.

Miguel Arreche and Idoya Otegi, TOPIC co-directors, pointed out that the Advisory Board was a priority objective for a centre of this nature, which describes itself as an open project. They stated that they “think it is important to open the doors, let the air come in and, above all, take advantage of the knowledge and experience of the renowned figures that take part on this Advisory Board. All in all, we want to incorporate different ways of thinking and develop new ideas”.

This first meeting of TOPIC’s Advisory Board was preceded by an intense day of activities which provided the opportunity to follow the International Puppetry Festival, currently underway in Tolosa, and to visit the rehabilitation site of the Law Courts on Tolosa’s Euskal Herria Square, scheduled for completion in November

The Board members who carry out the work of this organism personally are:

President: Jokin Bildarratz. Mayor of Tolosa
Vicepresident: Ana Arreche. C.I.T President
Coordinator. M. Carmen Garmendia. Former Minister of Culture of the Basque Government
Secretaries: Miguel Arreche and Idoya Otegui. Co-directors of TOPIC

Ainhoa Arteta. Soprano
José Miguel Ayerza. Secretary General of Adegi
Cristina Barrios. Ambassador for Climate Change o
Manu Castilla. EITB Communications Director
Antxon Elosegi. Businessman
Lourdes Fernández. Director of ARCO
Encarni Genua. Puppeteer
Manolo Huertas. Teacher and politician
Alberto Iglesias. Composer
Lucía Lacarra. Dancer
Joxean Muñoz. Director of Tabakalera
Luis Mari Oyarbide. Lawyer
Juan Ignacio Vidarte. General Manager of the Guggenheim Bilbao Museum
Lander Zabala. Publicist

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