The Topic new temporary exhibition dedicated to the company Txotxongillo

Opens on Saturday March 23 and runs until October 13

The Company from San Sebastian is the protagonist of the exhibition that features many examples of this group created and led by Enkarni Genua and Manolo Gomez.

Twelve small stages and eighty puppets representing various Txotxongillo shows up an exhibition in Enkarni words, "is a great joy because it is recognition and also to gather together the major work we have done for forty-two puppeteer life showing it to the public ".
Visitors will be able to see "twelve works that are twelve stories and twelve performances of the company." Have been placed "with their sceneries, their puppets and their context, we have all the material, almost like when we put it on stage where we performed." The result says Enkarni "it is a different exposure" to "enjoy both children and adults, especially those who were our children audience." For them "is a nice exercise in memory and emotion".

For those who want to experience it more directly. Except during summer, the first Friday and Saturday of each month at six-thirty in the afternoon, Enkarni Genua itself will lead a guided tour for up to 25 people. The visit will be in Basque or Castilian depending on the composition of the group of visitors. And from 30 September to 11 October, Monday to Friday, will be open special tours for schools within the current school year 2013-2014. Within the school campaign is included together with the visit a puppet workshop.

Both Enkarni Genua and Manolo Gomez are living this exhibition with great emotion, just weeks after the city of San Sebastian granted them with the Medal of the Citizen's Merit. In his long career they have received many awards, including The Ercilla in Bilbao, Contest of Texts for Children's Theatre of Navarra School of Theatre, the Archpriest of Hita, the City of San Sebastian for theater text in Basque and the Victoria Eugenia Prize to the career of the Performing Arts awarded by the city of San Sebastian. But "above all" they say that the best has been "love and acceptance" that their work has received "the public either child, as adult who for many years has given us the prize with which all the companies’ dreams: to fill in the theaters.”

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