Topic dedicates a new exhibition to the Catalonian puppeteer Mariona Masgrau

Topic, the International Puppet Museum-Centre in Tolosa, will be opening the exhibition ‘The art of Mariona Masgrau: an educational trip to the puppet world’

Topic, the International Puppet Museum-Centre in Tolosa, will be opening the exhibition ‘The art of Mariona Masgrau: an educational trip to the puppet world’on October the 6th. This one is Topic’s 10th temporary exhibition and it will still be on at the end of November, to coincide with the 30th International Puppet Festival celebration in Tolosa, the Titirijai Festival.

110 pieces representing Mariona Masgrau’s creative career will be on display in this exhibition, which will be open until March the 10th, 2013. Maria San Sebastian, director of the Topic Museum, explains that “this is an unusual exhibition, predominantly composed of marionettes, where one can also admire king size puppets, some of them made of ceramic”.
Given the fact that the Catalonian artist has addressed both the children´s and the adult audience throughout her career, San Sebastian points out that “there are some pieces in the exhibition that may look surprising for not exactly fitting the stereotype of the ‘Beauty’ aesthetic; some may well look quite hard and shocking, but they are still very attractive”.

Mariona Masgrau (1949-2007) has always had a close relationship with the Tolosa Puppet Festival: first, as a part of La Fanfarra Company and later, as a solo artist. She visited Tolosa and the Titirijai Festival a few times: she first came in 1987, practically at the beginning of her career, with the show ‘La Reina Blanca’; the last time she came was in 2002 with the play ‘De tanto que te quiero’. Her performance acclaimed as top level both nationally and internationally, persuaded Titirijai to invite her to offer her work in different editions.

Unfortunately Mariona couldn’t make to Topic’s opening at the end of 2009. She didn’t get to see the Centre that resulted from all the years of work and development of Titirijai. Her friends, colleagues and especially her son, Octavi Rumbau Masgrau, yes; they did see it and they enjoyed it very much. Octavi Rumbau Masgrau didn’t follow his mother’s artistic path but instead followed a musical one, and he left all Mariona’s puppet assets to Topic for their diffusion and correct conservation. The collection is made up of over two hundred pieces.

The first exhibition about Mariona and her puppets was organised in the summer of 2009 in San Sebastian, at the Boulevard gallery, sponsored by Kutxa. This event also acted as the presentation of Topic to society. “When designing Topic’s private collection we deliberately reserved a hall for Mariona Masgrau’s holdings, donated by Octavi, to highlight their value. In any case, Topic is firmly engaged with this puppeteer and her legacy and wanted to dedicate a monographic exhibition to this artist and her important legacy, now kept at Topic” explain the Topic management.

Toni Rumbau, co-founder, with Mariona Masgrau, of the group ‘La Fanfarra’ says “it is difficult to describe Mariona’s work” and notes down a series of adjectives as an introduction to it: “brave, tough, honest, autonomous, authentic, essential, honorable, and daring”. When talking about the artist he says “she was a woman with clearly defined empathies who didn’t mince her words. That brought her friends and enemies and she dealt with it in the quick sands of emotions. She managed her work to trespass the limits of time, the theater’s fate”.

An exceptional artist
Political refugee in Denmark (1973-75), her career as a puppeteer starts in Portugal. Whether it is the cause or not, this shocking experience does not stop her vocation for puppetry which materializes in the foundation in Barcelona, in 1976, of ‘La Fanfarra’ company with Eugenio Navarro and Toni Rumbau.

Both backstage and on-stage puppeteer, she made herself all the puppets on the first shows of the company. In this period, we find titles like ‘Malic en Babilonia’, ‘La Historia del Rey Triste’, ‘ La Fuente de la Eterna Juventud’, ‘Los Pastorcillos’, ‘La Leyenda de San Jorge’, etc.

In 1984, La Fanfarra inaugurates the Malic Theatre, a pioneer venue in the alternative scene in Barcelona. Mariona Masgrau gets involved in the management. The company gets the highest consideration records at the International Festivals circuit.

In 1995, Mariona Masgrau’s solo career starts. Some really original and hilarious shows focused on women are the result of a collaboration work with authors such as Ana Maria Moix, Joan Casas and Rafael Metlikovec. She left titles like ‘Mangalena’, ‘Constantina’, ‘Sophia’, ‘La Capsa de Joguines’, ‘De tanto que te quiero’ and ‘El Despertar de las Pasiones’.
Soon after closing the Malic Theatre in 2002, Mariona starts a new adventure with the opening of Espai Fènix, a Workshop-Theatre project that got suddenly interrupted after her death, in 2007.

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