Dramatized visits or the exhibition about Pinocchio

The best way to see this exhibition is to let an expert tell you about it

Topic offers visitors the opportunity to attend a dramatized visit in which an actress explains the exhibition and the story of Pinocchio. She goes through Collodi’s story by representing the chapters reflected in the exhibition’s pieces.

Topic is launching this unique and pioneering exhibition experience, in the hope that it will be well received by visitors and continue in future exhibitions.

Dramatized visits, partly spoken partly sung, will be offered every Friday and Saturday at 19:00h, although they can be arranged any other time and day at the visitor’s request.

The actress in the exhibition is Ana Arsuaga Arambarri, Helena Arambarri;s daughter, a theatre director and teacher in Tolosa. Gianni Franceschini himself, the author of the exhibition boards and pieces, is guiding Ana’s training for the job she’s undertaking here.

The format for the dramatized visits is designed for groups of up to 15 people, mainly children, although families can come too. The text, both in Spanish and Basque, can also be adapted to other languages, and dramatized visits can open up their target audience to adults in this way.

This temporary exhibition will be open until September the 23rd.

The exhibition “I am Pinocchio”, produced by the Escalanta Centre Teatral, brings us a version more faithful to the original story by Carlo Collodi. Pinocchio; a ‘different´ child, a wooden puppet, dreams of becoming a normal child, a flesh and blood human being, so that he can integrate into society. Pinocchio has to face an infinite number of decisions and conflicts that the young audience will identify with.

We all know the story of Pinocchio, the wooden puppet carefully carved by this father Geppetto, with his own hands, who was turned into a child by a Fairy. Relationships with parents, the richness of diversity, integration, the search for identity, death, friendship and fidelity are just some of the values this experience, half way between Art and Theatre, wants to outline.

This is the first time an exhibition at Topic does not exhibit puppets or articulated toys. This is an exhibition about the most important puppet in the world, without puppets, consisting panels of big dimension by the Italian artist Gianni Franceschini.

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Opening times
11:00-14:00 and 16:00-20:00

Dramatized visits:
Fridays and Saturdays at 19:00
Price of dramatized visit: 2€/person.
Price of dramatized visit + museum: 4€/child and 5€/adult
Price for groups: Museum ticket + 30€/group

Apart from the established dramatized visits, you can also book visits on different days and times, pre-arranging with the organization.

Contact on: 943 650 414; cit@cittolosa.com or tienda@cittolosa.com

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