The French company Arketal will be responsible for the new temporary exhibition

This exhibition, consisting of 150 pieces, will be viewable from October the 8th until February the 12th

The 7th temporary exhibition promoted by the Tolosa International Puppet Centre since its opening in November 2009, is dedicated to the Arketal Workshop-Company, from Cannes, France, and it shows 150 high quality artistic pieces.

Directed by Greta Bruggeman and Sylvie Osman, this company fundamentally stands out for the beauty of the pieces and the plasticity and versatility of the materials used in their construction.  The high artistic and technical value of the pieces has been the reason why this collection has been selected to be shown at Topic to mark the celebration of the 29th edition of the Tolosa International Puppet Festival 2011 which will be held from November the 26th until December the 4th. The official opening of the exhibition will take place during the Titirijai Festival, although it can already be seen from Saturday October the 8th.

Gretta Bruggeman, one of the heads of Arketal, thinks that the company´s particular way of working could be of interest to people visiting this exhibition. “We are an open company; co-working with other plastic artists to construct puppets as well as design the stage for our shows is one of our goals”.  Marius Rech, a painter who collaborates regularly with the company, has been in Tolosa helping to put the exhibition together. “The puppeteer’s work is enhanced by the plastic artist’s work and vice versa, because there is so much for us to learn about the plasticity and the movement of puppets” he explains.

A unique and coherent space

Bruggeman already knew about Topic and the Puppet Festival, but both her and her colleagues recognize that they are “very impressed by Topic; a unique place in Europe. We are very proud and happy to be able to show our puppets here”. They highlight above all “the coherence and the harmony between Theatre, Plastic Arts, and Museology. The cultural centre you have created with your premises, objectives and activities is very consistent. As a puppeteer, I’d love to live here” admits the head of Arketal.

Topic’s specialist in Museology, María San Sebastián, maintains that the company “stands out for the special care and attention to the selection of their projects and the people they collaborate with. They are all projects with a great artistic and emotional quality, starting from the play’s script itself to the execution or the art of puppeteering, from the background of the project to the performance offered to the audience. In fact, not only do they create their own shows, but they also offer training courses in puppet construction, developing their workshops as part of the project”.

Arketal was born in 1984 by Greta Bruggeman and Sylvie Osman, who both trained at the Institut International de la Marionnette de Charleville-Mézières. The company has been based in Cannes since 1990. They have created 24 shows for adults, children and all types of audience. Among their collaborators are puppeteers, actors, authors, musicians, stage designers, painters and sculptors. “Each one of our projects is a trip, a dialogue with the collaborators who travel with us. The topics that we choose talk about identity, memory, exile, family and other human issues”.

Place: Topic (Plaza Euskal Herria – Tolosa). Tel (+34) 943650414
Dates: Until February, the 12th.

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