Topic dedicates its new temporary exhibition to Titiriteros de Binefar

The The company from Aragon, National Award for Theatre for Children and Youth in 2009, keeps a close relation with Tolosa

The Tolosa Puppets International Centre opens its new temporary exhibition and dedicates it to the company from Aragon Los Titiriteros de Binefar, National Award for Theatre for Children and Youth in 2009. This exhibition is a well deserved homage to their career and thus, puppets and works made throughout their professional career will be exhibited. The opening ceremony is on the 30th of June and it will end on the 2nd of October.

In this occasion the exhibition is going to be displayed beyond the second floor of the museum where usually the temporary exhibitions are located and the place where the main body of the exhibition will be. In the Ambigu there will be displayed a collection of posters about the company that the Topic keeps as well as those posters brought by the group as a present for the Centre’s fund. At the entrance floor, next to the theatre, an altarpiece will be exhibited that is part of their show “Retablo de Navidad”, and because of its dimensions there is no room in other areas of the Topic. In this very same floor there will be exhibited some big headed figures that the company uses in their street shows.
Miguel Arreche, co director of the Topic, says that this exhibition aims to offer to the Titiriteros de Binefar “recognition to their friendship, to their fidelity to Tolosa, to their compromise and to their art. The very same year we opened the Topic, the Ministry of Culture awarded Titiriteros de Binefar with the National Award which, fully delighted us, because it is always nice to know that friends are awarded and because being the first time that this award was awarded, it was given to puppeteers”.

The Titiriteros de Binefar have a long relationship with the puppets festival in Tolosa, Titirijai. Back in November 1991 they succeeded at the Iparragirre Theatre of Tolosa with the play 'Bandido Cucaracha'. Since then, their presence has been numerous. Back in 1995 they were here with the plays ‘¿Matamos al Dragon?’ and ‘Almogavares’. In 1996 they came back with ‘Fabula de la raposa’. Three years later they made it again with ‘Comicos de la legua’. In 2002 they performed ‘Dragoncio’ and two years later ‘Retablo de Navidad”. In 2006 the staged ‘El hombre cigüeña’ and in 2009 they took part in the opening ceremony of the TOPIC with the show ‘No nos moveran’. The result is that they have earned the sympathy of the audience in Tolosa as well as of those coming from different parts of Gipuzkoa with their repeated appearances at the Donostia-San Sebastian Musical Fortnight.

Paco Aparicio greatly thanks Idoya Otegui and Miguel Arreche because “with their delicate insistence they have ‘obliged’ me to look back, a thing that allows me to review the walked path and to adventure what the future waits us. The ‘Titirijai’, which both direct, has always believed in us”. The director of the company also recalls that “prior to the refurbishing of the Cinema-Theatre Leidor in Tolosa, they told us there was planned to remove all the seats. We decided to take them for our Puppets House in Abizanda (Huesca) and there they are constantly recalling us the friendship that the anthological exhibition, at the beautiful Topic, consolidates”.

Venue: Topic (Plaza Euskal Herria – Tolosa) Phone number.- (34) 943650414
Dates: Until the 2th of October

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