Temporary exhibition opens dedicated to the puppet Colorin

It was the most relevant character that children from Gipuzkoa and nearby municipalities enjoyed from the mid 50s up until the 80s

The Tolosa Puppet International Center, Topic, dedicates a temporary exhibition to the figure of Colorin, a character that was born in San Sebastian in 1955 on the hands of José Luis Villarejo and which until the year 2008, but above all until the eighties, it became the most successful puppet show that thousands of children from Gipuzkoa and nearby locations enjoyed.

This exhibition, open until the 12th of June, is held just after the widow of Villarejo and also his artistic workmate, Conchita Momeñe, donated all the items related to Colorin to the Topic Museum
With all this material it has been built this exhibition where the visitors will get to know Colorin and the rest of the puppets that completed the show, but also they will be able to see the stage, named ‘teatrino’, where they played, as well as other items. In total there are exhibited 28 puppets, in addition to six sceneries, the complete ‘teatrino’, pictures, various documents (contracts with town, scenic screenplays, Christmas postcards, envelops and various papers of the company…) and a PA system, lighting and atrezzo of that time.

Colorin practically travelled all the towns in Gipuzkoa and much of the towns in Biscay, Navarre and Alava. Sometimes the show reached rural villages bringing the adventures to boys and girls. With them, his unconditional friends, he shared his troubles, the laughter, the songs, always ending triumphant with their unselfish help.

After a long journey of nearly 50 years, it will be the Topic where Colorin will definitely have a rest, preserve and where those who we met him on stage will be able to recall it. And it will also be the place where the generations that had no chance to enjoy his adventures will be able to know him. As it can be ascertain in this exhibition, Colorin was a shout of joy, of fun in a grey period with economic and social hardship. Colorin was long waited in all towns he reached, where he and rest of the puppets became a must annual meeting.

Adolfo Ayuso, who is a studious of the world of puppets, writes in the catalogue of this exhibition: “Colorin was the alarm clock of the illusion of many Basque children. Their eyes, whilst watching Colorin’s forays with the Bruja Remolacha (beet witch) or the dragon to save the princess Pachuchita, reverberated of emotion. The history always ends clarifying many things. And each thing should find its own hollow within the history. With its pros and cons. There is nothing worse than hiding the history under the carpet. This exhibition at Topic was a pending task, and with it, it continues its labour of extending the puppetry and the Basque Country all over the world.   

More information:

'Alrededor de Colorín. Títeres y marionetas de 1939 a 1975'. Adolfo Ayuso's article

'El guiñol de Colorín'. Javier Mª Sada's article.

Interview with Conchita Momeñe

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