Wolves’ stories

The staging of ‘Homeofwolves’ has been devised by Joan Baixas and it will be performed at Topic on the 12th

In the tales and mythologies there exists all kind of wolves: those who pick up children in the forest, those who attack the flocks, those who are sheep transformed in wild beasts and those who sing to the moon. Wolves, sheep, dogs and people are inseparables forming an arabesque of symbols and suggestions in a tale made of texts by Elias Conetti, Nazim Hikmet and traditional legends.

Madreloba (wolf mother) explains her story with sounds and movements, hearing the voices of the wind and the water, of animals and people, as the wizard who travels throughout the time with a smile and feather feet. It is a pleasant evening, in the woods of Montnegre, all of the sudden a summer storm, the fire, the yelling of a new born attract the sheep-wolf and…

With eclecticism and irony, Paca Rodrigo and Mauricio Villavecchia play with all types of music, from Mozart to traditional songs passing through their own compositions that are inspired in jazz music and ethnic sounds.

Joan Baixas, who is a specialist in visual theatre, presents a show-collage of songs and narrations, of objects and images, tailor-made for Paca Rodrigo, an actress and dancer, singer and voice teacher.

With an education in music and dance, Paca Rodrigo has made a work of search and experimentation with the voice, collaborating win theatrical shows with various directors, with musicians such as Carles Santos, Joan-Albert Amargós and Jordi Sabatés and with dance companies such as Mal Pelo and Marga Guergué.

Date: 12th of March
Time: 18.00 hours
Venue: Topic. Plaza Euskal Herria, 1. Tolosa
Prices: Adults: 7 Euros. Children: 4 Euros. Registered large families: Adults: 5 Euros. Children: 3 Euros
Tickets: Topic box office. Servikutxa, Telekutxa (943001200) and www.kutxa.net.
Note: Tickets for registered large families only sold at Topic box office.

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