The Lehendakari visits the Topic

Patxi Lopez comes to Tolosa in order to know the evolution and its future projects

The Lehendakari (President of the Basque Autonomous Community) has visited Tolosa to get to know the local reality, “the way it has developed, how it is developing and which are the future projects”. The importance of housing rehabilitation, the tourist attractions of the area and the strength of local businesses were the crux of the visit that the Lehendakari made to Tolosa. A region that is becoming a tourist reference pushed by the gastronomy and the puppets centre Topic.

It was an intense visit of the Lehendakari to Tolosa. Early in the morning he was welcomed by the town’s Major and at the same time President of EUDEL (the Association of Basque Municipalities). After the reception the institutional representatives walked through the old town and all the way from the town hall to the puppets centre Topic. The Lehendakari has described it as a “singular and unique centre in Europe, an international reference that puts Tolosa and the region in the world’s map”. Furthermore, he has highlighted its potential as a tourist attraction for ‘families’ that after visiting the centre can keep going on their tour around Tolosa and enjoy the good gastronomy of the region.

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