We are looking for material related to Colorin in order to prepare an exhibition at Topic about this famous character

We are preparing an exhibition about Colorin, a famous Puppet show that was premiered for the first time in San Sebastian during the late fifties and it kept staging nearly until the year 2000. Jose Luis Villarejo and his wife, Conchita Momeñe, were the creators. The exhibition is scheduled for mid March and it will be open until June in the temporary exhibition hall at the Tolosa Puppet International Centre.

From Topic we make a call to those who can contribute with any related item such as memories, testimonies, pictures or even written tales about Colorin. This material, once it is selected, it will serve to complete the exhibition which the material we have so far has been kindly donated by Conchita Momeñe to Topic.

We would love to have access to pictures related to Colorin, in which it is possible to see how were those shows, also how the children used to dress, their parents or the girls that showed up to the staging. Anything. If anybody has this kind of material we would borrow it for the exhibition and it will be returned afterwards.

Those who want to contact Topic regarding this issue they can do it by writing to the following email address or calling to the phone number 943650414. Thank you very much.

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