Taun Taun proposes a metaphor about life in their show ‘Batuta’

The company from Guipuzcoa presents on the 12th of February at Topic a play based on classical music compositions.

“It is a metaphor about life that, as it happens with each and every existence, has its own stations, its own trips and a suitcase, where memories and experiences travel in it”, says Itsaso Azkarate, who along with Karlos Odriozola and Iñaki Mota make the actors-manipulators trio of this staging.

In ‘Batuta’ a musical route is offered, which starts with the most classical tunes from composers such as Bach, Mozart, Khachaturian, Haendel and Tchaikovsky, but they have also included other music styles because, as Azkarate explains “we already have classic tunes in other music styles such as pop and rock, with tunes from Elvis Presley and The Beatles; or in jazz music through various ‘standards’ such as ‘Satin doll’ or ‘Little girl’, which can be familiar for the little spectators. That is why we have included them among the rest in the soundtrack of the play”.

The main character is Batuta himself, but along with him there is Notita, a character that is created departing from musical notes and she will become Batuta’s accomplice and counterpoint. According to Azkarate, Notita will be “the one seeking the notes that Batuta misses and the one making him feel good, she appears as she would be a pixie”.

The music and objects that will emerge on the stage are the tools to generate a series of feelings, based on sketches that are played by the various characters and the games that come up from the suitcase. “The most difficult task when it comes to give life to the characters stems from the fact that these are the elements that pass on feelings”, points out Azkarate.

The puppets have been created by Taun Taun with simple objects such as plastic siphons, and pieces of wood and foam rubber. There is one puppet that stands out among the rest, a big traditional looking puppet of more than a meter long that represents the main character. Azkarate states that the sixteen displayed have a ‘different form of expression’.

The day before of this staging, Topic schedules another play of “Batuta”, which is part of the activities included at Topic’s School Campaign.

Date: 12th of February
Time: 18.00 hours
Venue: Topic. Plaza Euskal Herria 1, Tolosa.
Prices: Children 4 Euros. Adults 7 Euros. Registered large families: Children 3 Euros.  Adults 5 Euros
Tickets: Topic Box Office. Servikutxa, Telekutxa (943001200) and www.kutxa.net
Note: Tickets for registered large families are only sold at Topic Box Office.

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