The French company Théâtre pour deux mains brings to Topic ‘Viaje a Poligonía’ on the 29th of January

The adventures of a square, which is not so squared

Excluded from its community because it is a bit distorted, the square decides to undertake an initiation voyage. Throughout its journey, it discovers other worlds inhabited by different tribes from its own one. Circles, trapeziums, triangles, strange rectangles. In this magic world inhabited by all kinds of polygons, would the not so squared square be accepted the way it is?

Premiered in September 2009 at the World Festival of Puppet Theatre of Charleville-Mezieres, “Viaje a Poligonía” combines puppets with objects and video. It is inspired in the works of Shell Silverstein, Jerome Ruillier or even in the drawings of Kandinsky and Miró. It is a play that describes a society where each polygon shines by its difference and peculiarity. The show is addressed to children from three years old onwards.

Date: 29th January
Time: 18.00 hours
Venue: Topic. Plaza Euskal Herria 1. Tolosa
Prices: Children 4 Euros. Adults 7 Euros. Registered large families: Children 3 Euros. Adults 5 euros.
Point of sale: Topic Box Office. Servikutxa, Telekutxa (943001200) y
Note: Tickets for registered large families only sold at Topic Box Office.

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