March 21st, World Puppetry Day
Monday, 30 March 2009 20:43

Every March 21st, World Puppetry Day is celebrated. TOPic wants to join this celebration and spread it on its website. This is the international message published by UNIMA (the International Marionette Union) and written by the great Czech scenographer, Ptre. Matásek for this year’s celebration:

 «A true legend

A long, fiery line in the sky cuts through space and disappears in the depths of the Universe.It reappears and vanishes again. It’s Prometheus, with a torch in his hand, searching wearily in the darkness for someone to whom he may pass it.

TOPic web presentation
Monday, 30 March 2009 20:41
Even before our building project has been finished, TOPic can already enter every home via Internet. TOPic’s web site will be launched today, with the exception of a few sections still pending completion. This web site aims to bring children, teachers, puppeteers and onlookers together on the same interface, while emphasizing the importance of them all. Likewise, we would like to communicate with friends so that they can contribute to our website with their comments, drawings, visits, and so on. We await you all!

Quebec Authorities visit TOPIC
Monday, 30 March 2009 20:40
As in the past, Tirijai (Tolosa’s International Puppetry Festival) will dedicate this edition--from November 28th to December 6th--to the puppetry of a specific country. During this 27th edition we will open our doors to Quebec in order to admire and enjoy their puppets and performances. Claude Fleury, the Director of the Quebec Office in Barcelona, and María Jesús Bronchal, the Quebec cultural attaché, visited Tolosa in order to learn about Tolosa’s projected International Puppetry Centre and to check out the progress on the new premises where TOPic will be located.

New arrivals from Ghana at TOPic
Two beautiful linen puppets have just arrived at the Tolosa TOPic from Ghana, Africa. They have made this long journey thanks to the Spanish ambassador in that country, Julia Alicia Olmo y Romero, who merits thanks for this interesting addition to our collection. Little by little, TOPic’s holdings increase, especially the African puppets. As of now, we have puppets from Mali, Burkina Faso, Ghana and Tunisia.


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