A new temporary exhibition opened
Thursday, 21 October 2010 09:40

Topic dedicates its fourth temporary exhibition to traditional puppets from Indonesia

‘Indonesia, Wayang Golek’ collects 91 pieces of an exquisite elaboration and aesthetic.

Puppets from Indonesia will be the protagonists of the Topic’s new temporary exhibition that opens this coming Saturday 23rd of October. The exhibition receives the name of ‘Indonesia, Wayang Golek, it exhibits a total of 91 puppets, ninety of them being rod puppets and one shadow puppet. All of them belong to the Tolosa International Puppet Centre’s own private collection.

‘Indonesia, Wayang Golek’ is the fourth temporary exhibition that Topic organizes since its opening back in November 2009. The first one was dedicated to “Puppets from Mali”, and followed by “China, characters of tradition” and “30 years of animated dolls”.

The exhibition now being inaugurated will remain open until the 31st of January. In the current exhibition, the visitors will find themselves with puppets owing a well-defined presence, “since they combine both manipulating techniques with aesthetic”, explains Maria San Sebastian, in charge of the Documentation Centre and Museum of Topic. “However, she continues, and despite of their similar appearance, each one of them is different from the rest regarding the headdress, clothing and skin pigmentation”.

An exhibition created by Titirijai is exhibited in Seoul
Sunday, 03 October 2010 09:18

The State Corporation for Spanish Cultural Action Abroad (SEACEX), the Tolosa Initiatives Centre (CIT) and the Performing Arts Museum of the National Theatre of Korea have organized this exhibition

The exhibition, inaugurated on the 5th of October, covers the ‘Window to Iberian Puppetry’, created by the Tolosa Puppets International Festival, Titirijai. At the exhibition a wide outlook of puppet theatre in the Iberian Peninsula from the XVIII century up until now is offered.

The State Corporation for Spanish Cultural Action Abroad (SEACEX), The Tolosa Initiatives Centre (CIT) and the Performing Arts Museum of the National Theatre of Korea have organized in Seoul the exhibition named ‘The World of Puppets in Spain and Korea’, that will be able to visit it until the 9th of January 2011.

The exhibition begins its journey with a symbolic representation of the ‘Tirisiti Bethlehem’ from Alcoy. This Bethlehem belongs to the ancient tradition of religious theatre typical in Europe, a continent where even today there are preserved some examples such as the ‘sopzka’ from Poland; the ‘batelyka’ from Ukraine or the ‘vertep’ in Byelorussia.

‘Rebellion in the Bath’ with BuenaMandarina Teatro
Friday, 29 October 2010 15:43

The company BuenaMandarina presents on the 13th of November a show about the importance of water in today’s societies and the need for preserving our natural resources

As the company members tell us, ‘Rebellion in the bath’ is the story of the pleasant bath of Mr. Manuel González Tuñeca. A bath full of life! After decades serving familiar cleanliness and hygiene, the piping of Mr. Manuel’s bath needs an urgent intervention of a professional… and there it comes the evil plumber Dr. Teflon, who using his bad and false fixings, goes from bath to bath with a sole idea: “to collect as much fresh water as possible”.

Luces, sombras y poesía con 'La leyenda del farol'
Sunday, 17 October 2010 09:46
There are no translations available.

Un encantado encuentro con el teatro de sombras.

La compañía Teatro Plus la presenta el sábado 23 de octubre

"Descubrimos la complejidad, la delicadeza y la hermosura de esta técnica. Contar una historia sólo con el lenguaje de las marionetas y la música fue un reto", explican los responsables de teatro Plus. "Hicimos un espectáculo bonito, para disfrutar viéndolo. Una obra donde la luz y la sombra se unen para crear un canto a la belleza de la Tierra. El regalo, un farolito, que llevamos dentro".

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