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TOPIC has different rooms, which we offer to groups, enterprises and institutions in order to fulfil their social and organizational needs. These attractive and modern facilities are suitable for organizing any type of events with maximum comfort and efficiency.

The auditorium has a capacity of 250 spectators, good access and comfortable, spacious seats arranged on an inclined plane that provides good visibility. Apart from puppet performances, this room is ideal for theatre performances, shows, concerts, recitals, dance performances, lectures, debates, conferences, conventions, etc.

The stage is 9m wide by 9m deep by 7m high; there are 14 computerized electric connections and 4 more to the proscenium arch. The room is equipped to handle film/audiovisual projections, simultaneous translation and video conference services.

The auditorium has a rehearsal/pre-staging room, which is also suitable as a chamber concert room or dressing room. It is similar in size to the stage (approx. 80 m²), and has two dressing rooms that can accommodate 2 or 3 people each.


The ambigú is a spacious room (150 m²) located on the first floor.  It contains a bar and a small kitchen.
Apart from the social activities organized by the centre, this space is ideal for other activities:

•    Small exhibitions of paintings, photographs, graphics, etc.
•    Small, informal weekend concerts.
•    Social activities, children’s parties, etc.
•    We also offer the possibility to rent the entire TOPIC premises for the organization of events.

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