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•    what is TOPIC? TOPIC is the only comprehensive centre for the art of puppetry in Europe. It is scheduled to open in Autumn 2009.
•    history. The history of TOPIC started more than twenty years ago, when the first Tolosa International Puppetry Festival, Titirijai, took place.
•    areas of activity. TOPIC is divided into four main sections:
  •           Promotion and outreach.
  •           Data and research.
  •           Training and continued formation.
  •           Heritage conservation.
•     where are we?.  TOPIC is located in the building that formerly housed the old Law Courts on Tolosa’s Euskal Herria Square
•    advisory board. This institution, formed by important representatives from many fields, provides TOPIC with different ideas and points of view/perspectives.
•    organization chart. This is the way TOPIC is structured.
•     friends of TOPIC. Anyone can contribute to the development of TOPIC in different ways.
•    sponsors and collaborators. Thanks to them, TOPIC became reality.
•    room reservations. TOPIC offers different rooms to enterprises and institutions to hold their meetings or events. These attractive and modern facilities are suitable for the organization of any type of event with total comfort and efficiency.
•    work with us. If you have some free time and you like puppets, we can find a way to work together.

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