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Titirijai 2010 continues its scheduled program
Monday, 29 November 2010 10:00

The Tolosa International Puppets Festival gives the start to the scholar’s program and it presents two premieres.

After the intense start of this past weekend with the staging of three shows and the opening of the exhibition about Japanese puppets, Titirijai 2010 continues its program with the beginning of the children’s program that come to Tolosa along with their schools. From now on, until Friday, there will be a total of 41 performances reserved for the youngest audience that will turn up to Tolosa along with their school centers. The Festival receives around 1.500 spectators each day in this section, taking into account that most of the times the children, coming from different parts of Gipuzkoa and some from the neighboring provinces, watch more than one puppet’s performance in their day visit to Tolosa. In these first days of the Festival there will be premiered two plays for the first time.
Titirijai enters its final stage with an intense program
Thursday, 02 December 2010 11:39

Until Sunday there are offered eight performances that are open to the general public and another sixteen for scholars

The Tolosa Puppets International Festival, Titirijai, enters its last four days, in which it offers a very intense program, with eight performances open to the general public and sixteen that are limited for the children that arrive to Tolosa with their schools.

Today Thursday the company from Andalucía ‘Títeres Caracartón’ presents their show ‘The last pirate’, a play for all audiences where an old pirate, maybe the very last pirate crossing the seas, is the main character. Later on there will be a performance that generally children like a lot, but specially delight the adults. It is ‘Yoshitune and the thousand flowered cherry trees’, of the Japanese company Otome Bunraku. A delicate and exquisite sample of the traditional puppetry of the Asian country. A pearl that is very hard to see around and that Titirijai offers as part of the special program dedicated this year to the Japanese puppets.

On Friday, 3rd of December, it is the turn for the show that has received some very prestigious awards. It is ‘Guyi Guyi’, (pictured) of ‘Periferia Teatro’ from Murcia. They have win, among others, the awards for the best direction and interpretation at the Lleida Puppets Festival 2010 and the award for the best show at the European Fair of Theatre for Children (FETEN), also this 2010. ‘Guyi Guyi’ is a free version of the well-known tale ‘The ugly duckling’.

Opening ceremony of Titirijai with a Japanese company
Wednesday, 17 November 2010 11:00

Hachioji Kuruma Ningyo opened on Saturday the Tolosa International Puppets Festival with the play ‘Ninin Sambaso and Datemuse’

The Festival, which dedicates a special attention to Japanese puppets, will offer until the 5th of December works from nineteen companies coming from seven different countries.

The opening show consists of three parts. The first one tilted ‘Ninin Sambaso’ is a traditional dance that expresses prays for a good harvest and a peaceful life. The second one, ‘Datemuse’, is one of the most popular ‘yoruri’ tales of mid XVIII century.

It tells the story of Ohichi, the daughter of a rich business man who is in love with Kichiza, a young samurai who must prove his honour by looking for the lost sword. When he finally finds it in Edo (Tokyo nowadays), he discovers the city doors closed and warns Ohichi who climbs to the top of the fire-warning tower and alerts of some fire in order to open the doors to the firefighters and thus enabling her lover to enter the city. But the false alarms are punished with death. She is aware of it and despite this she goes ahead in order to save her lover.

The third part will consist in a demonstration in front of the public on how it is manipulated this peculiar form of Bunraku.

Topic is celebrating its birthday
Friday, 26 November 2010 10:26

Topic celebrates its first year of existence

At seven in the evening we will welcome today the 26th of November to its new home to a much beloved character for the people in Gipuzkoa, the bosom COLORIN, who will arrive to Topic at the hands of Conchita Momeñe, one of the persons who has given life to the character for many years. Come in and welcome as it deserves.

A little bit earlier, from five in the evening, come to celebrate our first anniversary with us and design and create your own badge in a workshop addressed to all children.

Topic takes part in an exhibition at Oteiza Museum about the recreational experience in art
Thursday, 11 November 2010 11:33

In the exhibition named ‘Homo Ludens, the Artist opposite the Game’, it is included a piece of Miró and another one of Isidro Ferrer, both coming from the Tolosa Puppets International Center

The exhibition at the Oteiza Museum, that will be open from the 11th of November 2010 until 13th of February 2011, analyses the presence of the recreational experience as a constant feature in the majority of the avant-garde movements of the XX century and a usual component in recent years’ art. Within this context, the exhibition receives a selection of works that are developed in very diverse disciplines such us poetry, painting, sculpture, music or theatre. The selection of 75 works, some of them being unique items, constitutes a sample of great reality: game and art coexist and share the path.

The exhibition is articulated around four independent areas that have, at the same time, common bonds of meaning: ‘Visual poetics’, ‘Fragments of Reality’, ‘Game(s)’ and ‘Ludosophies’. The two items belonging to Topic, ‘La Dona’ (pictured) of the company ‘La Claca’ and Joan Miró and ‘Esqueleto’, of Isidre Ferrer, is in line with ‘Fragments of Reality’.

Topic Plus
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