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Interview with Topic’s Directors
Monday, 29 November 2010 14:02

The radio show ‘No es un día cualquiera’ (not any day) from Radio Nacional de España and run by Pepa Fernández was hosted in Tolosa last weekend on the 27th and 28th of November. The live broadcast was carried out from the theatre at Topic, where other program collaborators took part such as Jose María Iñigo and other invitees such as the music band ‘El Consorcio’ and the Major of Tolosa, Jokin Bildarratz, among others.

On the Sunday session the radio show focused on the Tolosa Puppets International Centre, TOPIC, with an interview with its two Directors, Miguel Arreche and Idoya Otegui, which content can be listened here (WMA format) or here (mp3 format).

The Director of the radio program and the whole team left the Topic delighted with this visit, as Pepa Fernández’s words reflect in her blog “No es un día cualquiera”, in which among other things she writes the following “the museum is a big pleasure. I would say it is even more than that: is magic. You feel the sensation of entering a tale. I am not going to unveil why but I would love that they have the chance to discover it by themselves”.

A workshop for children to play and learn
Thursday, 09 December 2010 16:10

Coinciding with Christmas festive, Topic is arranging a workshop for children. The period for enrolment is already open.

Topic organizes these activities where children will be able to play while learning. The first workshop, which is taking place from the 27th until the 30th of December, from ten in the morning till one o’clock in the afternoon, is called “A TV show with puppets” and it is a workshop where children will create their own TV show with puppets. Following the trail of their favourite TV programs such as ‘Sesame Street’, or ‘The Lunnis’, they are going to learn how these are produced. It will be a ‘Topic Street’.

In four sessions they will create their own puppets (simple dolls with mouth and eyes) and along with them a character of news program, as well as the reporters and their stories. The script will be also created by them, by improvising. They will learn to collectively create and they will meet the language of the camera. This workshop is specially addressed to children from 6 years old onwards and it is developed in both Spanish language and Euskera (Basque language). The enrolment period is open and this can be made through the following telephone number 943650414 or at Topic’s offices, at Plaza Euskal Herria in Tolosa. The price of the workshop is of 25 Euros.

Titirijai 2010 ended with more than eleven thousand spectators
Monday, 06 December 2010 10:59

The Tolosa International Puppets Festival will focus in the next edition on Swiss puppets.

Titirijai 2010 came to an end yesterday after nine days of performances and is looking forward for the next edition, which will have Switzerland as the guest country. In the current edition, the twenty-eighth one, there were displayed 56 plays in various venues in Tolosa and 24 more performances in the circuit around the province that has brought some of the Festival’s shows to different locations.

Alone in Tolosa the festival has exceeded eleven thousand spectators, around two thousand less spectators in comparison with the 2008 edition, the last one before the big economic crises, which has had a negative bearing on all cultural events. However, the average assistance to each show has considerably increased since there have been 21 performances less in Tolosa comparing to those staged in 2008. On the other hand, the Japanese puppet exhibition, which is opened until the 7th of December at Palacio Aranburu, has had at the time of writing some 10.000 visitors.

The artistic assessment of the Tolosa Puppet International Festival is good, according to Miguel Arreche, co director of Titirijai along with Idoya Otegui. In his opinion, “this has been an interesting festival, with some shows that have delighted the audience and others that have created controversy, which it seems to me it is a positive aspect in a festival”. There was also what Arreche calls “some disappointments”. He refers to “those shows with a contemporary touch coming from Japan, with too much western influence, as if it was a kind of Disneyland. However, the classic Japanese puppet works have definitely captivated both professionals and the general public.

A long weekend to watch puppets at Topic
Monday, 06 December 2010 10:36

From Monday until Wednesday there are scheduled three outstanding plays that have previously been performed at Titirijai

After the end of Titirijai last Sunday, puppets keep being the protagonists in Tolosa with the staging of three puppet plays from the 6th of December until the 8th of December and various companies coming from France, Italy and Argentina. The three plays have taken part at the Tolosa Puppet International Festival. All three shows are scheduled at six in the evening.

The French company ‘Lutin Theatre d’Images’ (pictured) opens this extended program for December’s long weekend. Their show ‘Linea(s) de Horizonte’ (Horizon lines) has been premiered at Titirijai and it is a co production with the Topic. As one of the members of the company explains, Stephanie Chirron “this show departed from the idea of working on paper and about the writing. And more precisely is about the transition from drawing to writing. It is a work that tells the story of a person in the privacy of her study, that lets her imagination soar. It is a route from the essence of drawing, which departs from a line in the horizon, a thread. And little by little it creates lives on imaginary characters that go out from her emotions”.

It begins the school campaign 2010-2011
Thursday, 07 October 2010 14:41

Come in and meet the house of puppets

The Topic in Tolosa is a house full of magic with educational, enjoyable and attractive schemes, working on the development of school children from a perspective of games, metaphors and real creativity. For this we all fit in this house, for those of you who want to come and visit us on your own or to those who opt to immerse a little bit more in the fascinating world of puppets, taking part with us in any of the two options included in the school campaign.

Topic Plus
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