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A fairytale with puppets, dance and theatre
Wednesday, 14 December 2011 12:08
The Calamar Teatro company presents ‘La cama voladora’ (‘the flying bed’) on Saturday at Topic
The Calamar Teatro company will be offering the play ‘La Cama Voladora’ as part of the School Program on Friday, and for the general public on Saturday. It is a production that takes us to the world of fairytales. Dance, theatre and puppets are the artistic components that are used to tell a story based on a traditional tale from Iceland.

Especially recommended for the age group three /four years to adult, the music of the play was specifically composed by Germán Díaz. It features all the ingredients of traditional, Nordic fairytales as we know them. Natalia Wirton, the play’s director thinks it is “a very sweet and poetic traditional fairytale”.

The 29th edition of the Tolosa International Puppet Festival concludes with an important support from the audience
Monday, 05 December 2011 00:21
Titirijai Festival came to its official end last Sunday after an eight day program, the participation of twenty two companies and an attendance of over eleven thousand people

The Tolosa International Puppet Festival concluded on Sunday, the 4th of December, after an intense eight day program, during which Swiss puppetry received a special attention. Twenty two companies, many of them from other European countries, have taken part in the 29th edition of the festival this year. There has also been a wide representation of companies from other Spanish regions.

The headline for this year’s festival in the words of Miguel Arreche, co-director of the Festival together with Idoya Arregui, is: “Positive”. With part of the figures still to be processed -mainly attendance figures at the shows programmed in the other seven towns in Guipuzcoa and the one in Vizcaya, which are part of the Titirijai Circuit -, “only in Tolosa have we had over 11.000 people attending the festival” Arreche points out.
World Premier of Mimaia Company at Topic
Tuesday, 29 November 2011 11:22
On the 6th of December Mimaia will be offering the premiere of the play ‘Adiós, Bienvenida’ (‘Good bye, welcome’), the result of a creative residency at Topic.

The aim of this play, in the words of the authors, is to show that there is no need for sad farewells, as we all have to face them in our daily life. “Even the time of birth itself is a farewell” says Dora Cantero, director of the company based in Barcelona.

Dora is responsible for the staging, direction and interpretation as well as for the script writing and music. On this occasion she is working with Nina Ledergerber, from Switzerland, who is in charge of building the stage-set, puppet manipulation and playing the music. “Apart from singing, I play the Timple (a traditional string instrument from the Canary Islands), the musical saw and the accordion’’, Nina explains.
Titirijai 2011, Tolosa International Puppet Festival
Friday, 18 November 2011 10:30

Titirijai will hold the 29th edition of the festival from the 26th of November until the 4th of December.

Twenty-two companies from seven foreign countries – Argentina, Austria, Belgium, France, Mexico and Switzerland- as well as seven Spanish regions –Andalusia, Asturias, Castilla-Leon, Catalonia, Basque Country, Balearic Islands and Madrid- will take part in this edition.

This year we will be dedicating the so-called “Window to” festival section to Swiss Puppetry and the exhibition at the Aranburu Palace will offer a wide and detailed collection of puppets from Switzerland.

This year’s edition is marked by the severe crisis we are suffering and the effect this is having on every aspect of our daily life. And so this is the third year we are having to squeeze our budget in order to meet our audience’s expectations, especially the younger audience which thrives on the puppets’ magic.


Worldwide Premier of a Hispanic-Argentinian-Mexican coproduction at Topic
Tuesday, 15 November 2011 17:32

 ‘Pepo, ¿adónde vas?’ (Where are you going, Pepo?) is a play sponsored by Iberescena in collaboration with the Centre in Tolosa

The Tolosa International Puppet Centre, Topic, presents the worldwide premier of the play “Pepo. ¿adónde vas?”, a coproduction sponsored by Iberescena, the Ibero-American Performing Arts Support Fund, in collaboration with the Centre in Tolosa. The first show will be on Friday and it will be offered exclusively to the kids taking part in the Topic School Program. The show for the general public will be on Saturday. Another eight shows will be offered as part of the Titirijai program in towns such as Tolosa, Sestao, Irún, Donostia and Pasaia.

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