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Topic contributes to a monographic exhibition in Zaragoza with its Miró pieces
Wednesday, 21 March 2012 17:04
Outstanding pieces from the Topic Museum have travelled to Zaragoza to take part in the 'Miró and the world of Ubu' exhibition

Palacio de Sástago, a regional Government of Aragon’s building, held the opening on the 20th of March and will house the exhibition until June the 3rd.

The outstanding lucky pieces are ‘El Merma’, ‘La Dona’ and ‘El Peu y la bandera’, which have been in Topic from the beginning in 2009. ‘El Merma’ and ‘El Peu’ were lent to Topic by Joan Baixas; ‘La Dona’, however, was donated by Miró right on the day of our opening with the presentation of the play ‘Zoé’ by Joan Baixas’ company at the International Puppet Centre.
¡Llenemos el mar de títeres!
Friday, 16 March 2012 11:26
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Taller diseñado por el Topic y  el Aquarium de Donostia, del 10 al 13 de abril

¿Conoces los secretos de un caballito de mar llamado “Romeo”? ¿Las peculiaridades del  Congrio llamado “Pufffffffff”? ¿El movimiento de las  anchoas “estopikez!”? ¿La graciosa pinta del Kabratxo “Kamu”?

Todos estos peces, con sus peculiaridades que exploraremos, viven en el Aquarium de Donostia y los iremos a visitar el primer dia del taller. Los observaremos, los estudiaremos detenidamente para, después, recrearlos en grandes títeres de varilla que hará cada participante en el taller.
World Puppetry Day. March 21st, 2012
Tuesday, 20 March 2012 00:12

Joan Baixas

With a firm gesture we put aside newspapers, switch off newscasts and propose a toast to the art and the brotherhood, today is a festive day, we celebrate the World’s Day of Puppetry.

We cannot forget about the grief, the painful reality of mishaps and penuries troubling the world, but exactly because we do not want to forget, we commit ourselves to celebrate human dignity, the insatiable zeal of men to strengthen life against misfortune and death.

Art is a hymn to this dignity, bringing together in continuous tides past and future generations, cultures and clans, by poetry. Art establishes complicity of views between persons who are marvelling together, creator and spectator, about the exploration of the unknown. Every artistic act is a disturbing grain of sand in the gearing of reality.

The ‘Del Redoble’ Theatre and Puppet company presents the play ‘Iluminando la noche’
Monday, 05 March 2012 17:59
This children´s play contains a selection of texts by Ray Bradbury

Juanita, Negra and Remedios are the three characters who invite you to enjoy an exciting trip where the young audience will discover the colours of the night. They will find many surprises, like the crickets’ awakening; they will light up the stars, caress the moon and meet Mr. Saturn.

The play shows us how to face our childhood fears. These fears especially surface at night time; that’s why the ‘Del Redoble’ company explain throughout the play that “when we become friends with the night we become stronger to fight our fears; darkness turns into light inside us, letting us see and face every shadow that endangers our tranquility. That’s why it’s so important for adults not to create made up fears lurking in the darkness, but to treat the night as a magic space, full of life and harmony”.

Topic’s management team works on important deals for the Tolosa Puppet Centre in India.
Wednesday, 08 February 2012 16:26
A mask exhibition and the acquisition of valuable pieces for the museum are just some of their goals

Topic’s managers, Miguel Arreche and Idoya Otegui are on a trip to India until the 13th of February. During their trip they will be guests at the Ishara Puppet Festival. They will also have meetings with artists and institutions on the Indian puppet scene.

As a result of this trip, Topic’s visitors might have the opportunity to enjoy an exhibition of Indian puppets in the near future, as well as the incorporation of new and important pieces in the museum’s collection.

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